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Trademark Registration - Trademark Hearing

When a Trademark is objected to by the Examiner, a reply is required to be filed to the same by the applicant. In case the Examiner is not satisfied with the reply submitted by the applicant in response to the Examination report the mark is issued for show cause hearing.

Similarly, a trademark can be counter-filed by a customer, a member of the public competitor, or any other person. Also, the person filing the trademark opposition needs to be a prior registered trademark owner.

Documents Required  for Trademark Hearing

To be able to prove the case in front of the Registrar, you need to prove to the Hearing Officer that you have been using the brand in good faith. We provide the following documents to the Registry as ‘proof’:

  1. Application form filled and signed by you

  2. Invoices from the date of the first usage of the brand

  3. Purchase orders

  4. Invoices from vendors

  5. Brochures, visiting cards, letterheads

  6. Social media marketing page screenshots

  7. Website screenshots, if any

  8. Online promotion proof

  9. Any other document containing the trademark brand name, logo, or tagline if applied for

  10. Proof of business

The Registrar after going through all the documents and explanation provided will either accept the mark or refuse the application. It is at the sole discretion of the Trademark Authority to accept or refuse any application. These hearings need to be attended on the place, date, and time fixed in the notice, failing will lead to the trademark being abandoned.

BGrow Service is a qualified team well-versed and experienced in attending matters in relation to tribunals, registration, and hearings. Our team helps in conducting the hearings related to objection, rectification, and opposition.

Brands Under Our Protection

Happy Customer Speaks

Movita - Feel safe in a good hand.. Your team Varthini....doing good follow up. Good luck.

Mr. R. Saravana Kumaran

Ags thangamaligai -  Very sincere work... Thanks a lot to your team

Mr. Anandan

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