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About BGrow Services

We introduce ourselves as BGrow Services, bloomed at Madurai, Tamilnadu.

BGrow Services are providing the best boundless services worldwide. We have been operating as one of the best service providers of Trademark Registration and Protection, Brand name Registration and Protection, Corporate Protection, Copyright Protection and Shop Name Protection, Patent Protection and Service Mark Protection.
Every Brand’s Goodwill and Reputation is very important for any trade, business, company and organisation. We register and protect the Brand, which is a quantifiable and valuable asset. We have advisors and consultants who are all well experienced and experts in their field of intellectual property. With all their vast knowledge, BGrow Services continues to provide the best solutions for any case. We are registering a Business/Organisation’s Brand within India and internationally. Through our Services, we help a great volume of Brands to protect them from infringements.
Bgrow Services which is located at Madurai in Tamilnadu has been devoted over the years, since its creation in the 2012’s, to ally experience and tradition with youth and innovation. The search for improvement and the commitment to provide clients with a quality service are never-ending objectives, Our expertise in providing complete Trademark, Copyright, Design Act and Patent solutions.
Bgrow Services is a prominent organization offering Brand Protection services to SMEs. It is a multi-skilled firm that offers a wide range of business solutions, to its clients. Our dedicated professionals help clients to solve their complex business solutions. Proficiency of our client's service, enables us to create specific solutions to cater the needs of them. While our solutions help clients to cut costs it also facilitates grasping more business opportunities.

  • Protecting brand through name or logo this is often a most valuable asset.

  • Create a wilful record of brand and it creates a concrete proof of the ownership of the brand.

  • Quite powerful and encourages owners to invest in their brands, identity, trustability, reputation and confidence.

  • Customers can associate reliability with the Brand and like to use repeatedly.

  • Exclusively nationwide ownership who alone own the rights.

  • Name, logo, Artwork, style, font, get-up, colour, scheme etc. of brand cannot be copied by any other Individual / business firm.

  • The protection of brand, Artistic work owned by an individual / Firm ought not to be used even as a good’s carrier brand.

  • If someone copies the brand, can sue them for infringement. Owners have the right to take an action against others who are found to be infringing their rights.

  • The complaint / civil and criminal suit can be filed against its violator at the place where the owner of the rights resides.

  • To recover the work in any material / form including the storing of it in any medium including electronic means.

  • The owners empower to cease copies of the work to be distributed to the public rest in publication and in process, to sell or given for hire, or offer for sale or hire a copy regardless of whether such copy has been sold or given on hire on earlier occasions.

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Ms. Lakshmi

CEO of BGrow Services

Shaping her interests with a Master's Degree in Business Administration, she began her career in the year 2012 as a passionate CEO of a Protection company. A rare combination of Work Ethic, Expertise in the Field, and Leadership Ability has led her way to success, excelling in each phase and strengthening her career!



Mr. JK. Muthu

Founder of BGrow Services

JK Muthu, Founder of BGrow Services, has been a holistic person recognized in hundreds of Entrepreneurship Forums for his stand-out community services. His energy and enthusiasm have been evident through his participation in varied Business Services and noteworthy accomplishments.

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