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Brand Status Report with Legal Search Opinion

Brand Status Report is a predominant information analysis done by BGrow Services. Before you begin the process of trademark filing a search or analysis of the intended mark is highly essential as it represents a brand’s individuality. Our search determines if your mark is unique to both your field and outside it. Our opinions are straightforward and the results provided are thorough in nature. There are two kinds of trademark legal opinion to look out for. One is the external legal opinion on whether a trademark is still available, and the second is whether a trademark contravention with another similar mark.

Conducting a detailed search is of prima facie importance to us. This is because apart from reporting identical prior marks, it will also determine if the mark is registerable as per law. It is always advisable to conduct a search prior to filing an application for registration of a Trademark as it is advantageous in the following ways.

It will determine the existence of objectionable marks already on the register.

It may eliminate the possibility of following objections/actions against the mark in the future such as


  • Objections from the Registry;

  • Opposition proceedings

  • Action for misuse by third party;

  • It will determine the strength of the mark and enable the improvisation of the mark before filing the same.

  • It enables the filing of a proposed mark in order to increase the chances of its successful use.

For a successful search to be conducted, we take up various analyses so as to maintain maximum distinction of the mark as it safeguards you from any infringement. They are,


  • Trademark Analyses

  • Copyright Analysis

  • Google Analysis

  • E-Commerce Analysis

  • Web and Domain Analysis​


After the aforementioned analysis is completed, we give our client a report that states the percentage within which a mark is qualified for registration. The percentage ranges between 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. Once the aforementioned procedures are completed, you can confidently begin the Trademark Registration process for which we will prepare and submit the trademark application online.​


We at BGrow, give an idea to our clients regarding the possibility of interference of their new brands with any existing brands. We give clarity on the degree of contravention which avoids counterfeit products or services.

If you have received a desist or a lawsuit, or face other challenges to your trademark or domain name rights, or if you are considering the same against another and would like to know your rights to protect or defend your trademark, our services are the right option for you.

We help our clients avoid expenditures and waste of time and resources in developing and manufacturing new products that may intrude upon an existing patent. A legal opinion is always a useful tool to protect innovators by researching and evaluating products or services that are similar to our clients to avoid wilful infringement.

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Movita - Feel safe in a good hand.. Your team Varthini....doing good follow up. Good luck.

Mr. R. Saravana Kumaran

Ags thangamaligai -  Very sincere work... Thanks a lot to your team

Mr. Anandan

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