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Design Registration


A successful brand always starts with a great idea that subtly makes the brand promise linger in the minds of the audience. That promise may involve product quality, service, prices, or various other things. Our job is to help the clients translate those tangible and intangible values accurately to memorable graphic solutions.

Structure enrollment is a sort of licensed innovation assurance, under which a recently made plan applied to an article made under a mechanical procedure can be shielded from falsification. Under the Design Act, of 2000, a shape, setup, example, trimming or organization of lines or shading or blend applied to any article can be enrolled.

For a plan to be enrolled, it must fulfill the accompanying conditions: it must be new and unique, the structure ought to identify with highlights of shape, setup, example, or trimming applied to an article, the plan must be applied to any article by a modern procedure and the plan must be noticeable and ought to show up on an article.

Plan enrollment gives the maker, restrictive rights abuse of the structure for a time of ten years, that can be additionally stretched out for a time of five years. If there should arise an occurrence of encroachment, the proprietor of an enrolled structure can look for a lawful cure under the Design Act.

Design Registration Process

An application for the enlistment of configuration ought to be submitted alongside four example duplicates of the structure. An announcement of oddity ought to likewise be submitted, which alludes to an announcement of how the structure is special. The structure so spoken to in the ‘portrayal of the plan’ submitted ought to be decisively like the structure or precise of the structure.

Records Required for Design Registration

  • A guaranteed duplicate of the first or affirmed duplicates of concentrates from disclaimers

  • Announcements and Other open records can be made accessible on the installment of an expense.

  • The sworn statements ought to be in passage structure and ought to contain an affirmation of truth and certainty. The costs engaged with the structure enrollment procedure might be directed by the Controller as indicated by the Fourth Schedule.

Significant Aspects of Design Registration

Document Professionally

  • It’s significant that an expert document for the enrollment of a plan to guarantee that the structure is appropriately secured. An accomplished proficient can help altogether improve the odds of effective plan enrollment by documenting an expert application, tending to all the parts of the Designs Act.

Government Process

  • Recording a plan enlistment application doesn’t ensure enrollment in the structure. Plan enlistment is a procedure and enrollment is given distinctly by the Registrar – in light of the realities and premises of each case. Subsequently, our experts can just put forth the best attempts for documenting structure enlistment applications dependent on experience and ability.

Course of Events

  • Post documenting a plan enrollment application, it is critical to intermittently check the status of the application until it's prepared on the Government side. The structured enlistment application process here and there requires different time-bound reactions or activities from the candidate. Consequently, it’s imperative to persistently check the status of the application and make the necessary move until enlistment.


  • A rundown of every single enrolled configuration is kept up and distributed by the Patent Office to notify contenders about the enlistment of a plan and forestall duplicating. If there should arise an occurrence of encroachment or robbery of an enrolled plan, the proprietor of the enlisted structure can look for a legitimate cure under the Designs Act.

10 Year Protection

  • Structures enlisted under the Designs Act are ensured for a time of ten years, inexhaustible by an additional five years. In any case, plan enrollment chiefly applies just to structures applied by a mechanical procedure on any article. Consequently, things that are secured under the Trademark Act or Copyright Act can’t be enrolled as a structure.

Distinction Among Trademark and Design Registration

  • A structure enrollment secures any new and imaginative decorative plan of an article of assembling. Trademark enrollment secures a word or word, name, image, or drawing that is used in business to recognize one wellspring of products or administrations from that of another.

  • Put another way; a structure enlistment would empower the insurance of the physical appearance of an unmistakable item you intend to offer to people in general (inasmuch as that appearance doesn’t influence the item’s capacity in any capacity). A trademark would protect the images or words you use to recognize the item as originating from your particular business. In specific conditions, the two types of security might be open to cover a solitary structure, giving potential compensation to the proprietor of these.

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